My Quote of the week:

Multi award winning architect Steven Holl was never afraid to push the boundaries of his work because it allowed him to create great buildings. He once said: “I choose work that is hard to pull off. And it's scary how things can go wrong. But if there's no risk involved, it's not challenging. A good idea will survive any process.”


Faris Mousa is an entrepreneur based in Manchester who has worked on a number of residential and commercial projects.

For Faris, property investment has no set formula. Each building has its own story, and Faris's mission is to make spaces to be the best they can be. This includes searching far and wide to source the highest quality materials and striving to build workspaces that inspire people to be creative, productive and proud of their organisations, as well as homes that bring people together to interact in and share fulfilling lives. By understanding the property and gathering a fantastic team together to create unique and wonderful spaces Faris seeks to stand out from the crowd and produce something that everyone is proud of.

The goal is always the same: to take a building that's falling short of its potential - somewhere forgotten, tired and unwanted - and create spaces that people fall in love with. The aim is to push boundaries and make the trend, not just follow it!

In doing so, Faris adds a little extra happiness to the world. Who could wish for more than that?